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JP Machine Tools has been working with Metal Fabricating Machinery for over 26 years. We make it our goal to find the best fit for our customers, even if we need to refer them to a more specialized distributor. We proudly offer products in the categories listed below. If you do not see what you need, or if you are unsure of what machinery your company needs please do not hesitate to Contact Us for a consultation.



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CY Cutting Head  CY Operator Panel Support

The main advantages deriving from the use of fiber laser sources are a radical simplification of the source architecture; extremely low energy consumption with a consequent decrease in operating costs and initial investment; extremely high degree of control and efficiency of the system.

With hundreds of installations all over the world, CYLASER has been at the forefront of the production and marketing of industrial plants for fiber laser cutting since 2004.

CNC Plasma/Oxy-Fuel Cutting
mastergraphex2 overkoike global logoThese machines are well equipped for handling the most difficult of cutting jobs including pipe cutting and beveling, sheet metal cutting, and plate cutting. Small scale to very large gantry cutting systems available for any size fabricator or service center.

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Press Brakes

PrimeLineBPressServo hydraulic or Electric, extremely accurate, economical, and quiet. Our press brake systems are known for their reliability and design ingenuity. Used for bending sheet and plate metal. Machines for very basic bending to very high precision applications.

PrimeLineVRShearOur Shears offer many model selections and range of sizes to suit your shearing application.

Structural Steel
These machines used to process structural steel shapes including beams, angles, and channels. Our highly automated systems are capable of sawing, drilling, layout marking, material handling, plate processing, shot blasting and painting systems.

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Plate & Angle Rolls
JMT HRB 4 with Supports2 247x300Used for rolling sheet metal, plate, or structural shapes, our sturdy rolling machines are built for performance and longevity. Basic rolling to 4 roll CNC are available.

These all-in-one machines provide features including low blade rake angles, automatic shear hold-downs, and metal shearing, punching and notching and bending.

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Our various saw machines allow you to cut heavy-duty metals with precision, ease, and speed. Band Saws, Cold Saws, low to very high volume cutting.

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CNC Sheet Metal Punching
Designed for both small and medium runs, our sheet metal punching machines are constructed for flexibility and adaptability.

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Aluminum Processing
Fabricating the highest quality aluminum products, our systems are capable of processing aluminum extrusions. Saws, machining centers, and much more.

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Finishing, Deburring & Edge Rounding
Our products are designed for the entire spectrum of abrasive surface preparation, from tolerance grinding to slag and burr removal, oxide removal, abrasive polishing and finishing for sheet metal, coils, and other metal parts.

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Loewer Swing Grinder

SetWidth400 472b1b452bQuick and easy deburring and rounding. Up to now, there were basically two methods for deburring CNC cut sheet metal: either manually with power tools or using expensive through-feed machines. The SwingGrinder offers a new solution. Deburring and edge rounding with the SwingGrinder is quicker than working manually with power tools. The investment and operating costs, however, are much lower compared to expensive through-feed machines. The grinding head with two rotating disc tools is mounted to a swinging arm equipped with a weight compensation device. The unit is guided easily over the workpiece. The grinding pressure is applied manually from above. The inside and outside edges of the workpiece are processed from all angles and directions. The grinding head is tiltable 180° allowing a speedy change from the deburring disc to the rounding disc and back.

Burr King
burr king

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Coil Processing
For high capacity coil processing, cut to length, slit, stack and deliver.

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Coil Fed Fiber Laser/Punching & Bending
From coil to finished part that includes flexibility for low to medium volume products and durability for high volume applications.

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Press Brake Tooling
Each tool model is carefully designed to work with tooling programs that meet the needs for bending a huge range of sheet parts in various material thicknesses and styles. Basic tooling to high precision, quick change systems.

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Pipe Bending
Built for usability and stamina, our pipe and tube bending products are compact, easy to use, and highly accurate. They can be used for bending pipes ranging from 1/4″ to 6″ in diameter.

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Waterjet Cutting
Abrasive waterjet cutting for high precision parts out of any material with no heat affected zone.

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Weld Positioners
JMT NC Weld PositionerTo produce a high-quality weld, the workpiece must be positioned at the correct angle to the welder. This often requires the welder to change positions or to move the part around, which can be both time-consuming and difficult.


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