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Plate & Angle Rolls

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Used for rolling sheet metal, plate, or structural shapes, our sturdy rolling machines are built for performance and longevity. Basic rolling to 4 roll CNC are available.

HRB 4 Series

Hydraulic 4 Roll

  • Accurate, ease of operation, fastest roll bending. Flat zone of the the sheet edges is minimized. Pre-bending, conical bending and ellipse bending is made easy.
  • Double pre-bends (at both ends) in one pass
  • Hydraulic and electrical systems have been safeguarded from overloads, and require minimum maintenance. Hydraulic and electrical components are also modular and designed according to industry world standards.
  • The sheet is fully controlled by tightening of top and bottom rolls. Most suitable bending operation available for CNC applications. More efficient for cycle times, and user friendly operations without dependence on individual operator ability.

JMT HRB 3 Series

JMT HRB 3 3030 2

  • 6' – 14' Bending Lengths
  • 1/4? – 2? Bending Thicknesses
  • Flexible machine for medium to thick material
  • Cost effective solutions for large diameters
  • Wide working range
  • Excellent for rolling cones
  • Great value for precision and reliability
  • All rolls are driven with superior torque and speed

JMT Angle Rolls

JMT PBH 600 Hydraulic Angle Roll

  • Profile Bending Machines
  • Robust machine frame is constructed of rugged steel, machined after welding for rigidity.
  • All welds are stress relieved prior to machining.
  • Precision bearings and large shaft diameters minimize deflection for precise bending.
  • Machines are ensured a long life due to their strong frame and world-class hydraulic and electrical components.
  • Short cycle times are achieved by high torque drive system and machine speed.
  • Straight edge is minimized by close roll stance, powerful guide rolls and hydraulic adjustments.
  • Flat spots are minimized due to closer roll stance.
  • Low energy and maintenance costs by friction-free planetary swing guides.

JMT PBH 100 Hydraulic Angle Roll

HRB 3V Series

  • Bending Thicknesses: 1 – 6
  • Variable geometry plate rolls are more versatile than single or double pinch 3 rolls because of the way they are built. They are suitable for medium and thick plate bending.
  • Unlike the standard 3-roll, the lower rolls move horizontally to right and left and the upper roll moves up and down.
  • Similar to 4-roll machines, the material is loaded parallel to the floor, so putting the machine in a pit is an option.
  • The current system design allows the roll to be used as a traditional pressing roll in addition to standard rolling.

JMT MRB Plate Roll

JMT MRB Plate Roll

JMT MRBS Plate Roll

JMT MRBS Plate Roll

JMT MRB-e Series


  • 3’ to 10’
  • 18ga- ¼”

    RB Plate RollJMT RB Plate Roll