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Coil Fed Fiber Laser/Punching & Bending

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From coil to finished part that includes flexibility for low to medium volume products and durability for high volume applications.


Pivatic PivaSystem

The best results are achieved from partnership where your end product and the production equipment are developed within the same process. Both PivaPunch and PivaBend are typically customized for the optimal solution to fulfill requirements of the work pieces and production volumes, flexibility and logistics.

Parts can also be roll formed when applicable. Jobs like welding and clinching are added when necessary to make your products complete in one run. With a single machine process, you’ll save floor space and labor. With a final product straight from coil, you’ll reduce part handling and scratches. The result is optimal product quality.

You will experience excellent return on investment for several reasons.

  • End products are made complete ready in one process.
  • The final product is produced directly from coil – enables a straight material flow without buffering and down streams the factory layout.
  • Improved cycle times – only 1/3 of the time that conventional methods require.
  • A single machine process which runs – saves labor costs because you only need one operator.